Gorge’s, Crocodiles and Caves

Before leaving Broome, after finishing work and before heading off on my road trip, unable to drive the Gibb River Road, I was keen to see some of the Kimberley national park before heading east. As per usual I didn’t get much sleep before a tour that I’ve booked… Not really a morning person as we all know I drag myself out of bed for my 6.40am pick up. We go people collecting. There are only two other young people on board… Our tour guide has the loveliest of accents… I quickly learn ‘alritey’ is his favourite word ;-). I contemplate how long it would take me to get drunk if we were playing a drinking game every time he says it… He tells us a story about the beginnings of pearling. I manage to concentrate for 15 mins then start to zone out having heard it already…

I learn the kimberley region is the least populated area in Australia and has the highest ratio of aboriginal to ‘white people’. Over bridges, our guide tells us to look out for freshwater crocs. We learn the Fitzroy river is the second biggest river in the world by flow. We get to Willare roadhouse. Sleepy, I have my first coffee in quite a wee while. The guide talks about aboriginal culture and about the boab tree. Only one of its kind in Australia, whose age can’t be told through tree rings. We arrive at the Boab prison tree. Not how I pictured a boab tree! I fittingly play ‘by the boab tree’ on my iPod. We drive past the house of one of the founders of the royal flying doctors. We hit the Gibb River Road. Originally started as a station road. We are told the story of Jandamarra. Described by the guide as an aboriginal Ned Kelly. I listen to some music. Philip Phillips – home plays. As the day goes on I feel progressively more and more relaxed and free… Feel myself slip back into ‘traveller/explorer ‘ mode :-).

We get to Windjana Gorge. It reminds of Kings Canyon and Katherine Gorge. Stopping by a fig tree, the guide pulls green ants from the tree. He decides the Scottish tour particant should be the recipient of trying one. Zesty! We walk to the water; find many freshwater crocodiles! Many basking themselves on the water’s edge. The closest I’ve ever been to a wild crocodile… I capture my feet. Enjoy being by the water…

After lunch, we head onto Tunnel Creek. A bumpy road. Handed torches, we make our way in. Lots of caves; lots of water; it totally reminded of horcrux destroying in Harry Potter!! It was really awesome. Loved walking through the water. Through to the end, there was water to swim in. Not hot enough for me to get in, I just enjoyed people watching from atop a rock. I love the pic a lady took for me. Back through the water and out, my feet not the best from the beach, it has done a good job of cleaning them!! Awesome. Finishing the day with some very very large cut watermelon, we headed on our way to the tones of sunset colouring the air… I really enjoyed my day. A definite good decision I feel :-).

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