Travel Theme: Contrast

With a new travel theme of contrast, this is my take on it. Traversing Australia, with somewhat of a botanical nature with shots from Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne's Botanical Gardens, there are also two from Kangaroo Island. Mainly contrasting colours, I also loved the contrasting tree types in Adelaide.

Deep Fried Mars Bars, Banoffee Pie and Irn Bru

Into week 4 of jobhunting, still surprisingly feeling confident and positive, I interspersed my job seeking with some sightseeing and chill time so I would not go entirely crazy... Surrounded by Europeans of mainly the French and German variety, a Bryan Greenberg lookalike and a porridge sharing Irish girl, being the only Scot in residence … Continue reading Deep Fried Mars Bars, Banoffee Pie and Irn Bru