Melaka: The Last Stop of Our Malaysian Adventure

Mr Melaka

Our introduction to Melaka (also known as Malacca) is an early one. Our night bus from Penang arrives about 6am. After a McDonald’s breakfast, surrounded by many travellers heading by bus to Singapore, we jump on a local bus in the direction of our hotel. Chosen by Ben as it was in the ‘centre of everything’ it was apparent that we were walking ‘through everything’ to get to it 😀 . Poetic licence on the hotel’s part I feel! Early am, with cooler weather and Ben taking the brunt of the baggage weight we walked to our hotel. No way we would have managed this at any other time of day! Taking some respite at a street food cafe, we had some kind of sweet delight that was truly not delightful! Decidedly rotten egg like! Definitely not one of the nicer things we tried!

Rotten egg Street food!

Melaka a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there are many museums with many stories. Continue reading