The Last Day of the World…

20130107-010248.jpgAnother early start, up at 5.30, and headed into Brisbane with my relatives on their way to work. Got off the train early to explore Roma St Parklands properly. Very pretty and liked the war memorial corner.

20130107-010339.jpgBack on the train into Brisbane and walked to Riverside, via a phone shop to try and see if my broken phone could be fixed, to see the river on the citycat ferry. The city scape alongside the river very much reminded me of Chicago travels with Neil. I stayed on til the end of both upstream and downstream routes, taking over 2 hours and only cost me $2.30! Bargain. I enjoyed some banter with the ferry staff about the world ending… 


Keen to check if my phone was fixed, headed back to the shop. Success!! What a relief!!! Out of contact over Christmas was not something that appealed. Note to self, do not put your phone in your bra whilst out jogging in Australia!

An afternoon spent eating sushi, taking in the shops and Christmas spirit, albeit very different in the sunshine, was had.

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