New friends and memories made…

After a night of putting the world to rights with friends of the family I'm staying with it was time for me and Janet to begin our Stradbroke island 4×4 full day Eco tour. After taking the water taxi from Cleveland (albeit the wrong one), we arrived at Dunwitch and were picked up by our tour guide. Me and lil Janet were joined by a family of large stature, with both Andrew and Duncan well over 6 foot! After a drive through Dunwitch, we had a dip in a freshwater brown lake which had tea tree oil in it. So brown!! And helpful for sore hands after hurting them the night before…!

A drive along the beach in the 4×4, it was like a highway with cars driving along the sand. People trying to get to the water were most definitely the pedestrians and you had to wait for traffic to clear!! A swim in the sea to cool off. Beautiful! The camera friendly Duncan offered to take some pics on his camera – an awesome shot.

The drive along the beach resulted in a momentary berth in the sand! After a gentle push we were on our way! The views from Lookout point were amazing. Feet in the water again at flinders beach, a shark sighting caused some excitement. Luckily I wasn't feeling like getting in! BBQ time for lunch. Movie chat and relaxed company went down well. Decanted out the car, we walked along the water's edge. Feet in hand, hat on head and with good company we wandered along to Amity point. The favourite part of my day, it was beautiful. It felt like that the earth was standing still, that we had spent hours there and on sharing stories was reminded of the journey ahead.

Lucky to spot some dolphins at Amity and soak in the atmosphere of the kids jumping off the jetty, another beach stop and then another drive along the sand, a bond over photography and trees was made. With connections made and friendships forged, I had my favourite day of my journey so far. This is what memories are made of :-).


2 thoughts on “New friends and memories made…

  1. Hey Jane
    Your trip to amity reminded me of Fraser island though the water there is clear but the beach similar?
    Intrigued to know how u hurt ur hands night before!!!!
    Great to hear about ur travels reminds me of the many years ago I travelled there….

  2. Aww i’m glad I’m helping you relive happy memories :). Not been to Fraser yet. Water was pretty blue though. Ach I hurt them on the pool, it was shallower than i thought it was and scraped them! Loving Oz, particularly Melbourne 🙂

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