From Flinders Beach to Flinders Street Station


After an unexpectedly disappointing last night, and restless sleep it was time to get ready for the onward journey to Melbourne. 

After the drawbacks of window seats on the international leg I booked an aisle seat. Alas it was not to be. Two men were sitting in the row, and not being able to understand each other I took the window! Perhaps meant to be, seeing the Brisbane city centre with the skyscrapers and river from above was impressive. A reminder of how much I had been seen whilst there. Not to be caught out this time, water was purchased previous to boarding and I took my new seat with a relaxed sigh. The men promptly fell asleep and I was reminded why I wanted an aisle seat! A scone and lemonade later; which incidentally informed me on the side of the can that “Jacob Schweppe brought liquid to life in 1783 with the creation of bubbles, bottling the magic of Scweppervescence,” made me smile. I settled down with the hundred year old man that climbed out of the window.

Destination reached, bags dropped, google maps assisted, I wandered around and found sushi. Sitting listening to the world go by, I finished my book. Cleverly done but a little too historical. Asked by a girl for directions, I must look a local. The city makes me feel a local :-). Edinburgh should take note – trams abound. Very different from Brisbane. A relaxed vibe and chilled, live music in Federation Square makes me wish I’d come down a couple of days early. Still, more to explore in the weeks to come. A day of wandering enjoying my own company, of making plans for months to come, and a new favourite city found.


2 thoughts on “From Flinders Beach to Flinders Street Station

  1. Melbourne looks good with the river. You will have plenty of time to explore and have more sushi! weather in UK cold and cloudy 4c. Send us some sunshine and heat. There seems to be too much in Oz.

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