Travel Theme: Possibility

With access to a computer, Ailsa’s new travel theme of possibility appeared in my reader. This is a well timed theme for me. Possibilities… 2013 for me held so many possibilities. Kangaroo Island or Kangaroo Valley last january; whether to stay in Adelaide or road trip the Great Ocean Road; Uluru or Tasmania from Melbourne; what farmwork to do; east, west or south in Katherine then what on earth to do in Perth. Some of these decisions were taken out of my hands. Various things were important at different times – cost, achievement, needing to work and wanting to be warm! I made the decision to be in Sydney exactly because of the possibilities it offered. The fact that it offered a window of possibility the same day a door shut…

Port Arthur's Windows

I love that travelling lets you have many possibilities. What you will find when you take those initial first steps… Finding a road to have a journey on and the directions and possibilities you will find along the way… North or south? East or West? Whether to stop a little longer than planned? The people who you meet that will inspire… Perhaps getting on a plane to another country… Perhaps a coin toss, the help of a map or the words of a friend to help you decide… Of course I wonder what could have happened with possibilities gone away, but having a choice is the best thing about travelling on your own. Sometimes they come back around :). Working out the best way can make it seem all the more rewarding when you eventually get there but if it doesn’t work you can just move on :-). I am lucky to have had so many possibilities. I have loved where my journey has taken me and what I’ve found along the way. I am already thinking of the possibilities 2014 offers me. There are so many possibilities everywhere around us. What will you choose?

Melbourne Moments

With the weekend to organise myself, a trip to Melbourne Gaol with Steph in Christy's honour and dinner on Degraves St on Sunday, I added some warmer clothes to my collection and trundled off on the skybus to Melbourne's Tullamarine airport. Walking past a shop called chocolatey box with a bag of tearable rocky road I am not sure whether to be impressed or disappointed with myself that I put it down and walked away…! Feeling like I have some unfinished business in Melbourne, for now some moments not to be forgotten:

    1. The driver of the number 16 tram announcing over the loudspeaker “Passengers, please let people off the tram before getting on. If anybody tries to get on then just kick them in the shins!” Legend!
    2. Korean lessons week
    3. Yarra Bend Park day
    4. Moomba!
    5. Moira and Jane reunited
    6. Andrew and Jane reunited
    7. Steph and Emma's rendition of 'Oh Happy Day' after a helium inhalation
    8. Shannon, Emma, Pam and Jane's week in 314
    9. Jumping at Brighton beach with Amanda
    10. Easter Sunday Skyping
    11. Team GB chat with Christy
    12. How to play crib
    13. Burglar alarms and murders at the tram stop bbq
    14. Moose and 'To a Mouse'
    15. Feeding kangaroos
    16. Chai latte's
    17. West Wing evening in Chelsea
    18. The night I learned about the game
    19. Sunset at the Shrine of Remembrance
    20. Me and Shannon's chat about Emperors/Empresses; Life Peerages; the Order of the Garter and the Order of the Thistle

Travel Theme: Contrast

With a new travel theme of contrast, this is my take on it. Traversing Australia, with somewhat of a botanical nature with shots from Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne's Botanical Gardens, there are also two from Kangaroo Island. Mainly contrasting colours, I also loved the contrasting tree types in Adelaide.

Escaping Across the Bass Strait!

Having had a tumultuous week of decision making but comforted in that other backpackers around me have the same daily dilemmas and mindshifts, I eventually reached the conclusion that it is time to give Melbourne a break… Making a decision to try wwoofing (willing workers on organic farms) perhaps in northern territory, before I venture north and re-find the sun, Tasmania just across the water and on my 'to see' list by those that I have met along the way, having bought a tour for it the week previously which had a 6 month 'use by date', I decided that now might be an opportune time to redeem it. Melbourne currently positively reminiscient of Scotland's weather, and Tasmania likely to be even cooler I may however need to buy another jumper and some warmer clothes..! Hobart bound on Tuesday, I will have just over a week to explore the island. Excited about my mini adventure, I am looking forward to seeing a new place.

Travel Theme: Benches

Doing my usual browse of the WordPress homepages seeing what had been recently posted I came across a blog entitled 'where's your backpack?' With a weekly travel theme of benches, having just taken a picture of a colourful bench in Fitzroy I was inspired! This is my contribution but there are also some amazing entries on the travel theme page! Continue reading

A Day of Fantastic Oddities in Yarra Bend Park

Today I went to Yarra Bend Park. The rain heavy, I sought shelter on a bench under a tree. I noticed a girl leaning against a tree nearby. The rain lightening, I carried on my way. Her following, she caught up with me and started speaking to me. Working holiday she asked? Yes I said, and you? The same. “Looking for the waterfall?” “Yes I am actually” I replied. Walking together we found it hidden away. Crossing the river, I learned her name was Stephanie. German, and having worked as an au pair in Tasmania, I was reminded of my friend Lisa. “I'm determined to find the spot where you can see the city”, I told her. Our feet guiding us along next to the yarra, looking back over my shoulder the city appeared as the sky cleared! The other side of the yarra higher, I suggested crossing back over. “I'll come with you” she said. Reaching the summit, she directed my attention to a rainbow. This representing significance to me, I smiled and said hello.

Finding street graffiti offering an interesting perspective of the city, I was able to capture some interesting shots. Sharing our stories and plans, both taking shots to show where our feet had taken us, we arrived back to the path leading in the direction we came. “I'm going to go back the same way” she said. “I think I might travel further along” I responded. No exchange of social network details, last names or phone numbers, I said “perhaps we will cross paths somewhere again in the future…” Wishing each other well on our onward journeys we parted ways. I was happy to have had her company.

I followed the path on. “What's that on that tree” I thought. Advancing nearer, I found pieces of paper tied to the tree. What I had found was a wishing tree. I loved that I discovered this alone. I stood and read many. From interesting wishes to touching ones, I loved that many people had stood in the same spot and taken the time to write their wishes down. I made my own wish.

An interesting bench nearby with a cushion atop, having sought an interesting bench photo all day, it was like it had been waiting for me to find it. “How quirky” I thought. Just next to these stood a labyrinth. The sign in front of me, “This labyrinth of ancient origins rests on Wurundjeri land. It is for everyone to share and enjoy. Please respect it and each other. Walk it… Aware of breath. Remembering your strengths, realising all things shall pass. Know that you are precious and paths of hope may follow…” After walking the labyrinth, I smiled and looked up to the sky and said “ok, so things are going to get better, good things are coming.”