Two Germans, Two Koreans, an Englishman and a Scots Lass

Rested and with the slightly odd, self chosen, combination of fruit toast, scrambled egg and baked beans in my tummy I carted my backpack to my volunteering meeting point. On arrival, I learned that I would be staying in Melbourne for the first week, volunteering at a sanctuary. The week after, to Hamilton and then Geelong after that. Less people than expected with only 6 of us, and 3 moving elsewhere on monday, I hope it increases in the weeks to come. I’d expected to be in the one place for 4 weeks, but happy to still be in Melbourne. Told that our project wouldn’t start til monday, along with the other two new people, we took the free city tram, and had a pit stop at a bar off the main road. We made plans to go see life of pi in the evening. A little unexpected to have the weekend off and to not be heading west but will try to embrace the change and focus on the conservation work. Remind myself that fate works in strange ways! I’m sure once I start properly on Monday my slightly dejected mood will improve! Always looking for a positive, I have already broadened my horizons by learning some korean!

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