Escaping the Buzz of the City in St Kilda

After not falling asleep until 4 I dragged myself out of bed at 8.30 to return the hire car. Google mapped, it was safely returned to Elizabeth Street. Dropping into Melbourne Central, I used the free wifi to check in. Having to right myself in the map, I found it hard to cope with the city after Adelaide's chilled vibe. On return to my room, backpack upended, I reorganised. With a 'to post' pile, I have not quite decided where to post to. Perhaps I will get it weighed and costed before decisions are made! Finishing at midday, I finally lay down. By that point, the sugar rush from breakfast had worn off. Too hungry to sleep, I rested for a while then got ready to meet Lisa in St Kilda.

Dropping into Victoria market, I bought a chicken burger to satisfy my hunger. Enjoying the tram ride through the city, I arrived into St Kilda. Not what I had pictured, it was full of character. Bubblegum and blueberry yoghurt ice cream tried, we had a look in the amusement park. Away from the busyness of the city, but with Melbourne in its skyline, it offered a different perspective. Able to find my 'place' with the sea so near, I relaxed for the first time in a couple of days. Finding an iyengar yoga sign, I hope to take it up on its offer some point. Reconnecting my bond with the city looking at it from afar, but not sure if I am ready for it yet, I texted some Melbournian friends. The sunlight on the water, breeze in the air, palm trees abounding, we sat and chilled on the beach people watching. Just what the doctor ordered and it was good to escape from the world for a while. Chatting to Lisa about work, we found another shared connection.

Venturing onwards, the tram broke down! Not quite believing it, all escaped as it was most definitely hotter inside than the 35 degrees outside. After a short wait, we re boarded. Hearing a Scottish voice, I initiated conversation. Brian provided some interesting chat about Oscar Pistorious and reassured me that I was not losing my Scottish accent! Buying food at central it was late by the time I returned and had dinner. Face timing my family, I thought of Emily and her dad, and it was lovely to chat. They might not have been able to see me, but I had a perfect picture which was great to see. Chatting about potential travel plans, they were saying what I was thinking in my head! Absolutely shattered I went to bed and slept for an epic 12 hours.

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