Chilling out in Chelsea

Spending Thursday utilising the city’s free wifi and organising myself, in the afternoon, keen to do some sightseeing, I ventured to the eureka tower. Looking down on Melbourne from 88 storeys high, I was able to appreciate the city’s size. The highest post box in Australia seen, a postcard is winging its way to Scotland from it. In the evening, taking the train to Chelsea, me and the backpack trundled down the road to my uni friend, Jane’s house. Crawling into bed after dinner and enjoyable chat, the double bed, with duvet and proper pillows, was amazing.

Waking the Friday at midday, I spent most of the day sorting out my CV and connected with a recruitment agency. Hopeful they may be able to facilitate, I have a meeting with them on Monday. Feeling like I had been productive, putting the job search to rest for the evening, we relaxed with pizza, wine and the west wing. A reminder of living together at uni, it was nice to have the ‘Jane’s’ together again.

After another good sleep I was able to Skype my friends. Lovely to hear and see them, I don’t feel quite so far away. Excited about possible paths crossing, perhaps a trip to Bali is on the cards! Some time to upload some pictures and get hooked on grey’s anatomy, I headed to the beach. Beautiful lengths of sand, waves crashing, I was able to escape the world and finish my book. Page 335 summed up my thoughts at that moment exactly – “it’s a wonderful freedom, travelling.” A few chapters a little close to home, the memory keeper’s daughter was not the happiest of books for me. The sun starting to set, I captured a few photographs. Some dinner from woolworths (for those of UK abode, it is a supermarket), an evening to myself was appreciated.

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