Rediscovering Melbourne with Scottish Friends, Cake, Chinatown and River Cruises

Missing the free breakfast in my hostel for the third time this week, rested and showered, with one of my mum’s friend's passing through Melbourne on her travels, utilising the 59 tram, I headed off to meet her at Flinders Station. After a happy greeting exchange and introductions to her friend, we sat and had lunch in Federation Square. Very tasty, all enjoyed our meal. It being a hot, beautiful day, ice cream sought and devoured, viewing the city banks on a river cruise, it was nice to appreciate the city from a different perspective. Some travelling goods passed on along with a card and gift from home, it was much appreciated.

After a wifi stop in Federation Square, checking my bank, I realised that I had paid the deposit for my last three hostels in US dollars…! Thinking it had been expensive, I am glad of an explanation, despite the fact I have now incurred three international charges on my Australian account…! Cheeky cheeky hostelworld! Note to self, check the currency you pay for stuff in!!

Reunited with Florence, my Belgian volunteering friend in the afternoon, we sat and had cider and cake on Degraves Street, one of the quirky side streets Melbourne has to offer. Still hungry, we ventured to chinatown. Not the best choice of meal, I will maybe need to sample somewhere else. An evening spent getting to know some of my roommates better, we finished the day enjoyably watching Boy, a 2010 film set in New Zealand in 1984. Nice to spend the day with company, taking in the atmosphere, I think I have refound my love for the city.

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