Jam on wheetabix and Captain Cook’s demise

Doing well with the free breakfast on offer, ironically after finally buying muesli and milk, I was more than a little surprised to have two separate people in the same day recommend that I should put jam on wheetabix with the absence of sugar!! Having a fruitful cv walk around the CBD, I hope that my positivity is rewarded. Choosing to eat sushi for dinner on Tuesday, I was a little bemused when it was put in a brown bag rather than the regular, normal convention of plastic carton… With the woman handing me 2 sachets of soy sauce I am still intrigued as to how I could possibly eat them with the sushi without soaking the bag! Cue a 5 minute epic mission to source something i could put soy sauce in!! Carton attained, the sushi tasty, my evening was spent in section 8 bar with one of my RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) course companions. A chilled out vibe, trying coopers green, it was nice to have easy chat. Ridiculously hot still at 11pm at night, a discussion about the lottery, it surely foolish not to act upon, resulted in my first Australian lotto ticket being purchased!

Spending the next couple of days australianising the CV and job hunting, not a lot of sightseeing or excitement was had. Staying in a hostel with only 24 people as I thought I would appreciate less people, whilst enjoying the company of Steph, Mauro and Christy especially, with a lot of long termers, I found it a bit lonely and ironically, at times had to escape the hostel to get some space from the cliqueyness. Note to self, stick with yha.

Feeling that Saturday is not the best day for job hunting, I was keen to do some exploring. With my less than 2 weeks old rucksack breaking on me, the rucksack gods not being kind, I had to buy rucksack number 3! At $10 I am not holding my breath that I will not need another one. Inspired by my roommate, our feet took us to the oldest building in Australia – Captain Cook's cottage. Somewhat ironically, this was built in 1755 in England and then moved, brick by brick, to remind Australians of their connection to British empire history. Whilst not surprised by the look or the feel of the house, I did learn about Captain Cook. Thinking he had died a happy old man I was more than a little surprised to learn he had been killed by his crew on Valentines Day, 1779, then cut into pieces, burned in accordance with Hawaiian custom and then buried at sea!

With autumn definitely in the air, and with the drone of cars racing at the grand prix in the background, we walked through fitzroy gardens to ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image). With the weekly book fare on in the atrium, after a browse, I ventured to the ACMI 'Screen worlds: The story of film, television and digital culture' exhibition. Learning about Joseph Plateau, the birth of film in Paris in 1895, the advent of sound and colour in film, looking at film memorabilia and reliving my youth playing super mario bros, it was an interesting hour and a half escaping from Melbourne's rain. Venturing to collingwood for food, the return journey was not so kind. The heavens opening, Melbourne's scottish reminiscent rains poured down upon us!!

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