Bikram, Chai Latte’s and Playing the Game…

Things I have learnt this week:

– The Dutch call starfish sea stars; polar bears, ice bears and shooting stars, falling stars
– I love chai lattes. I will need to source a recipe
– Only to ever book a couple of night’s at a hostel you have not stayed in previously… But perhaps to give it a chance and roll with fate…
– A bit more about angry pirates and pigs
– How to play ‘the game’, and henceforth I have lost the game…

With my hostel proving interesting, I was stuck in yet another push/pull debate as to whether to roll with fate and last out my 2 weeks or try and make an early exit… After a couple of days back and forward, and after some helpful words from a friend in the UK, I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt. The environment at least being conducive to facilitating jobhunting surrounded by people that are working, not wanting to spend a lot of time in the hostel and free wifi when I am, I felt I had some productive days. After two cv walks around the city, meeting up with my Canadian friend, Amanda, we sampled royal arcade’s hazelnut tarts and hot drinks. A speedy update, I was then able to catch up with a volunteering friend. Wandering through the city he showed me the botanical gardens. Not a lot of light left in the day, it will perhaps need another visit to be fully appreciated. Going our separate ways, I went and sat by the Shrine of Remembrance. A spot that I suspect will become a favourite, looking back at the city, with the sun setting, I sat and reflected on my time in Melbourne so far. Considering options, unsure whether to give Melbourne more of a chance to find a job or escape, I decided that Tasmania will be the next stop on the journey.

Sunset over Melbourne

On Thursday I bit the bullet and posted an ad on gumtree. With the only reply from an apparent Melbourne barrister wanting my services for $400 a night, downtrodden, I sought out the company of my corkman buddies on Friday. With unlimited chicken wings, 5 seeds cider, Tia Maria and stories about pigs, angry pirates and ‘the game’, it was an enjoyable evening of banter.

Having walked past a Brikam yoga studio on my walk around Fitzroy, their website told me they had an introductory offer of $19 for 10 days. Having not practised since I left the UK, I felt saturday would be a good time to try something new… Certainly hot, it was good to be doing something familiar. Not quite as well balanced as I used to be and not quite as flexible, it was good to stretch! Different, it will definitely merit another visit. Bikram Choudry’s words on the wall, “It’s never too late, you’re never too old, you’re never too sick to start from scratch again” – it is a good sentiment to echo.

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