Brighton Beach Huts, America vs Germany & Espresso Martini’s

Dear Blog, forgive me for not posting, however, unfortunately, I have been a little short of new material…!

Having had a job interview on Thursday which I am pretty sure I have been unsuccessful at, which some may say pessimistically so, but on this occasion, I think realistic, frustrated with myself, I ate dinner out with my Italian buddy Mauro. Walking nearly halfway around the city, then waiting nearly half an hour for it to arrive we were more than a little hungry by the time it did! Enjoyed, the walk home offered some time to reflect. Now at what I believe one would call a juncture, I am not sure what to do. Not sure where I want to stay, toying with a number of ideas, including Darwin, Tasmania and Uluru, I ultimately decided not to be too rash. Setting myself a deadline of Wednesday, I might just get lucky…! 🙂 Zoning myself out, for the first time in a wee while I sat and listened my iPod. Choosing my top 100 playlist, this involved Dougie MacLean's Caledonia, Lissie's Everywhere we go, Pink's Glitter in the Air, the Lumineers Ho Hey, Admiral Fallow's squealing pigs, Jackson Browne's Sky Blue and Black and Chvrches The Mother we Share. Nice to be reminded of some older music and music that reminded me of home, it significantly helped my mood.

With the average age of our 4 bed dorm at approximately 33, I was awoken at 6am on Friday morning hearing my roommates taking loudly and another roommate shouting 'shut up'. Falling back to sleep vowing to change rooms when I woke up, my roommate's head popped down from her top bunk a couple of hours later and asked if I had heard the argument that morning… Saying that I thought she had been the one to say 'shut up', and her thinking that I did but it being neither of us, it transpired there had been an America vs Germany debate… A full on argument, ironically with one person telling the other to be quiet, two middle aged women failed to adhere to traveller dormroom policy…! Sleeping through most of this, my earplugs must have been better than I thought they were. Eventually awake, after a banana toastie, I was reunited with my Canadian friend Amanda. Venturing to Brighton beach, no not that one, we saw the famous beach huts. The sun pushing its way through the clouds, we sat and enjoyed lunch whilst overlooking the sea. Able to see Melbourne from a distance, it was pretty impressive. Walking back, taking some novelty jumping pictures, we boarded the train back to the city.

Meeting up with a friend of a friend through my uni friend Lynzi, I had an absolutely fabulous night. Trying out the retreat and the mess hall in Brunswick, I loved getting to know Hollie and her friends. Instantly clicking and feeling like I've known them for months, it made me not want to leave Melbourne at all… Espresso martini's and good banter had, I believe this is what we call a turning point. Love, love, love Melbourne 🙂



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