A Day of Fantastic Oddities in Yarra Bend Park

Today I went to Yarra Bend Park. The rain heavy, I sought shelter on a bench under a tree. I noticed a girl leaning against a tree nearby. The rain lightening, I carried on my way. Her following, she caught up with me and started speaking to me. Working holiday she asked? Yes I said, and you? The same. “Looking for the waterfall?” “Yes I am actually” I replied. Walking together we found it hidden away. Crossing the river, I learned her name was Stephanie. German, and having worked as an au pair in Tasmania, I was reminded of my friend Lisa. “I'm determined to find the spot where you can see the city”, I told her. Our feet guiding us along next to the yarra, looking back over my shoulder the city appeared as the sky cleared! The other side of the yarra higher, I suggested crossing back over. “I'll come with you” she said. Reaching the summit, she directed my attention to a rainbow. This representing significance to me, I smiled and said hello.

Finding street graffiti offering an interesting perspective of the city, I was able to capture some interesting shots. Sharing our stories and plans, both taking shots to show where our feet had taken us, we arrived back to the path leading in the direction we came. “I'm going to go back the same way” she said. “I think I might travel further along” I responded. No exchange of social network details, last names or phone numbers, I said “perhaps we will cross paths somewhere again in the future…” Wishing each other well on our onward journeys we parted ways. I was happy to have had her company.

I followed the path on. “What's that on that tree” I thought. Advancing nearer, I found pieces of paper tied to the tree. What I had found was a wishing tree. I loved that I discovered this alone. I stood and read many. From interesting wishes to touching ones, I loved that many people had stood in the same spot and taken the time to write their wishes down. I made my own wish.

An interesting bench nearby with a cushion atop, having sought an interesting bench photo all day, it was like it had been waiting for me to find it. “How quirky” I thought. Just next to these stood a labyrinth. The sign in front of me, “This labyrinth of ancient origins rests on Wurundjeri land. It is for everyone to share and enjoy. Please respect it and each other. Walk it… Aware of breath. Remembering your strengths, realising all things shall pass. Know that you are precious and paths of hope may follow…” After walking the labyrinth, I smiled and looked up to the sky and said “ok, so things are going to get better, good things are coming.”

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