Escaping Across the Bass Strait!

Having had a tumultuous week of decision making but comforted in that other backpackers around me have the same daily dilemmas and mindshifts, I eventually reached the conclusion that it is time to give Melbourne a break… Making a decision to try wwoofing (willing workers on organic farms) perhaps in northern territory, before I venture north and re-find the sun, Tasmania just across the water and on my 'to see' list by those that I have met along the way, having bought a tour for it the week previously which had a 6 month 'use by date', I decided that now might be an opportune time to redeem it. Melbourne currently positively reminiscient of Scotland's weather, and Tasmania likely to be even cooler I may however need to buy another jumper and some warmer clothes..! Hobart bound on Tuesday, I will have just over a week to explore the island. Excited about my mini adventure, I am looking forward to seeing a new place.

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