Melbourne Moments

With the weekend to organise myself, a trip to Melbourne Gaol with Steph in Christy's honour and dinner on Degraves St on Sunday, I added some warmer clothes to my collection and trundled off on the skybus to Melbourne's Tullamarine airport. Walking past a shop called chocolatey box with a bag of tearable rocky road I am not sure whether to be impressed or disappointed with myself that I put it down and walked away…! Feeling like I have some unfinished business in Melbourne, for now some moments not to be forgotten:

    1. The driver of the number 16 tram announcing over the loudspeaker “Passengers, please let people off the tram before getting on. If anybody tries to get on then just kick them in the shins!” Legend!
    2. Korean lessons week
    3. Yarra Bend Park day
    4. Moomba!
    5. Moira and Jane reunited
    6. Andrew and Jane reunited
    7. Steph and Emma's rendition of 'Oh Happy Day' after a helium inhalation
    8. Shannon, Emma, Pam and Jane's week in 314
    9. Jumping at Brighton beach with Amanda
    10. Easter Sunday Skyping
    11. Team GB chat with Christy
    12. How to play crib
    13. Burglar alarms and murders at the tram stop bbq
    14. Moose and 'To a Mouse'
    15. Feeding kangaroos
    16. Chai latte's
    17. West Wing evening in Chelsea
    18. The night I learned about the game
    19. Sunset at the Shrine of Remembrance
    20. Me and Shannon's chat about Emperors/Empresses; Life Peerages; the Order of the Garter and the Order of the Thistle

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