Skangaroovian Funk, Comic Strippers and Ocean Road plans afoot

Late on Monday night I decided it would be more fun to drive the ocean road. On waking up, Daniel decided to come too, and a decision was made to leave on Thursday. Deciding what to do with my day, one of the last things on my Adelaide list was the art gallery. Heading off on the free city loop, me and Lisa headed to North Terrace. Wandering through, I enjoyed the variety of art that was on offer. In the James and Diane Ramsay gallery, some stringy bark aboriginal storyboards reminded me of the placemats my sister brought back from South Africa. Max Meldrum – portrait of Ida held my attention, perhaps because he was Edinburgh born. Particularly liking the Skangaroovian funk room, Margaret Dodd's 'this woman is not a car' series was amazing! Gaining a tour guide for free we learnt about Alfred Giblet's Eros and Berlinde De Bruyckere's 'We are all flesh'. Causing me to think, with the knowledge I have gained at the Scottish government, I was not quite sure what to make of it. Past some nail covered bodies, Wolfgang Tillmans 'Dan' was my favourite picture of the day.

Daundering back along Rundle Mall, a reminder of home was heard with a solo violinist playing 'Auld Lang Syne'. A stop in woolworths for food, Lisa, wanting to see inside a pet shop, was the second reminder of the day of past policies! Warnings over carrots and rabbits and some very tiny puppies, it was a struggle not to be in work mode! Finally able to catch up on the weekend's blogging in the afternoon after some busy filled days, I fear something is going to have to give. Finding a travel journal app, I am hoping to facilitate the recording of travel tales.

After some Chinatown food, the 'Comic Strippers' was enjoyed at the fringe. Pictures taken to mark the occasion, my evening was finished playing rummy and cheat with new American companions and a new Scottish one. Amazeballs!!

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