The Great Ocean Road Thus Travelled

Choosing Apollo bay as our second night destination to let Daniel have a couple hours surfing, Lisa and I got up with an intention to explore Cape Otway. Out of muesli and milk, after a banana bread breakfast we were on the road. Met by cows and koalas on the road to the lighthouse, it was a reminder of who has right of way! The view from the lighthouse awesome, we were able to learn some of its history. Venturing to Great Otway National Park rainforest on our way back, it was nice to have a bit of time to explore.

Back to Apollo Bay, we were a little surprised that Daniel hadn't surfed but had spent the morning doing other things. Encountering a seafood festival that was on, enjoying a band called the Attics in residence on the stage, a beautiful blue sky and paella in hand (from an impressive size of paella pan!) a pleasant couple of hours was had.

Back on the road, we finally saw the ocean! Amazing but perhaps better appreciated from Melbourne to Adelaide and the passenger seat. Cape Patton and Mount Defiance lookouts seen, driving into Lorne, the view was impressive. Built up from the ocean road, perhaps a landslide hazard, the beach was beautiful with a holiday vibe within the town.

Memorial arch next, a moment to understand the history was had. Onto bells beach, a photo taken by a Coloradoian I met was one of my favourite pictures of the day. Torquay done too, the inverlochy figurehead, built in Glasgow in 1895, served as another reminder of home. So many pine trees around, I couldn't help but be reminded of Nelson.

Onto Geelong, I was surprised by its size. Expecting a smaller more rural town, we parked and had a wander. Met first by a 50s car, I think it reflects the nature of the area. Figuirines dotted everywhere, I loved the character flowing from the city and plan to return. The sun setting with the moon already in the sky over the pier with boats everywhere, memories of Mallorca came flooding back. Thoughts turning to a particular person, I took a moment to think. A last supper of sushi, we left Geelong in the dark.

All staying different places and talked out of a satnav by my companions the drive into Melbourne was crazy in comparison to Adelaide. Using maps on my phone, I navigated us to Lisa's hostel in St Kilda and Daniel's hotel in Preston. Cursing the fact that I had not gone with my instincts just to pay the whole cost for the satnav, the battery dying on my gps, I was unable to navigate to my hostel. Having to power up in a shop (which I certainly wouldn't have managed at that hour in Adelaide!), I eventually ended the 500+ mile journey at 1.20am. Staying up to record the day's events I reflected back on our trip. Too fast paced and continually feeling in a rush and that I shouldn't stop, I don't know if I was fully able to enjoy the road. Appreciating it from the driver's seat, you perhaps don't see as much. Travelling alone, I would maybe have taken a week and spent some time in places along the way. Enjoying the company though, it was a proper road trip and not many people can say they have driven the Great Ocean Road! I would love to do it in reverse, perhaps with my family in tow.

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