Murder in Fitzroy!

Hiking my backpack to my new hostel, finding the hostel hidden on a dodgy looking side street I was met with ye olde Scottish saying “There's been a murder!!!” True taggart style, at around 4am in Fitzroy, someone was stabbed in the neck and killed… Told they have switched me from my booked 4 bed mixed dorm to a 6 bed female dorm and with the communal area outside with smokers en masse we shall see what the next 2 weeks holds…! Finding only sockets that were labelled with 'phone chargers only' I eventually sourced an outlet that would enable me to straighten my hair…

A change into one of my only two green tops, I headed back to the Corkman to meet my roommates to celebrate St Patrick's Day. Getting into the spirit drinking Magners, I was more than a little bit merry by 6pm… Having an awesome night with lots of banter, I finished my 2 weeks at the Corkman hostel on a high and was disappointed to be heading to a different hostel that night. Unsure re the new hostel situation, having felt the same way when I arrived to the one prior, I am hoping the next 2 weeks sees the same turnaround….

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