Musical Lexicons and Devilled Eggs

This week I have been writing…! With actual pen and paper. About my surroundings. Not for my journal or my blog. I am a little surprised by this turn of events! But I like it. Inspiration literally arrived after I posted my last blog post and has stayed with me… Every day as I walk the rows, my brain offers some new suggestions.

My days now filled with music, my iPod is getting a good workout. Starting the week with 1858 songs to be played on my unplayed list (yes I know!), I already have this down to 1713… (Not far to go eh?!) I am continually surprised by the collection I have on there! Remember the 2004 classic cha cha slide?! Yup, it’s played!! Everybody clap your hands ;-). Loving Passenger, with his lyrics relating to Scotland and travelling, he has become a firm picking favourite. Hearing some verbal introductions, I found out that Dougie MacLean wrote ‘Singing land’ in Northern Territory. In Alice Springs he says. It has new significance now. I know of the things he sings :-).

Picking every day, on ground redder than my previous farm, I get covered in it every day! Squash, easier to pick, zucchini’s, easier to see, I’m not sure which I prefer… (or am starting to hate more…!) Non picking time providing more banter, I have seen my first wild bat in Australia, tried a drink so named Milo, been amazed by a crescent moon spanning a different sector of the moon than I am used to (this still blows my mind even though I understand the science!); had a quad bike adventure with the other wwoofers on the farm and had French toast with cornflakes on for breakfast (surprisingly tasty). My favourite time of day dinner time, it has involved the best carbonara I’ve ever tasted, funnily enough some squash and zucchini’s and a very long baked apple strudel. Mmmmm.

With an eclectic mix of wwoofers spanning different countries, I have now turned lexicon explaining many a word and phrase. A German wwoofer reading an English book, I have actually had to look two of these up myself! I can now tell you what devilled eggs are!! Also fielding questions about UK working holiday visa’s, I had to explain yet again that Scotland is not part of England and neither is the rest of the UK! This inaccuracy constantly confuses me. Do other countries think we are a federal state? I’d love to be a fly on the wall in some of these geography lessons! More to follow I’m sure ;-).

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