What Would Indiana Jones Do?


I am failing at my New Year’s resolution already and thinking way too much… A friend is heading off round New South Wales early next week and has asked me to join him… With not a lot of money left and needing work there is perhaps potential to work on the way. Not spending a lot of time in cities last year, I planned to stay in Sydney a while… This has become a very difficult decision. I have been mulling over this for days and still can’t decide… A pro’s and con’s list with staying in Sydney has been written… Friends have been asked for advice. The responses have included ‘what would Indy do? Which led to an entirely weird question of what Jesus would do…?! Seize the day has been said. ‘When there’s something inside of us that inspires, that’s the route’ was philosophically mentioned. Stay and become a local in Sydney has been offered. A few friends who spent time in Sydney did not like it. Funnily enough they have suggested road tripping… The majority vote is very much in the road tripping New South Wales favour…

Usually when I need help deciding I get responses telling me ‘only you can decide’, ‘follow your instincts’ and ‘you will find your path’. I have liked that this decision has sparked so much conversation. Perhaps people’s inner preferences are shining through? :). My mind changes everyday… I spent a pretty awesome day with the friend who wants me to go and left wanting to road trip. I then spent a day walking the city and wanted to stay in Sydney. This is not as easy as a ‘what do you want to do more’ decision. There are new things important to me this year. Happiness is important to me at this time. I don’t know which way that lies… Losing my way with writing a little with usual means absent and too much in my head, finding inspiration is very important. Which is perhaps more likely to be found on the road… It is hard to know which way. Sure I can go see what New South Wales holds and always come back to Sydney but maybe I’ll regret not giving Sydney a little more time just now… If I stay for sure I will regret not going with him. A coin has been tossed on the matter ;). I won’t tell you what way it went… ;). With many balls in the air, I’m away to think about it as well as his advice of ‘it is better to have many balls in the air rather than one duck eating all your bacon…’ (no me either!) 😉


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